Moulin Rouge

The series entitled “Moulin Rouge”, belongs to an illusionist stage of my creative process, and is the fruit of my imagination. It’s the absence and presence of real. From fragmented photos Moulin Rouge, traditional Parisian nightclub, was built a series of surreal images.

The color was the main factor that motivated to create this work. At that hour of the morning, the blue tone of the sky was close to cyan. The Red Mill was a great contrast to the blue sky, creating an image composed of two complementary colors. For some time now I have been  researching on the strength of color in the creative process. This series was born of several mill frameworks that together became a graphic and visually attractive composition.

From several ready images were selected just 6 for this series. The titles of the works are closely related to the Moulin Rouge, it’s era and in one of them I do a tribute to Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Post-Impressionist painter known for painting the bohemian life of Paris from the late nineteenth century and a frequent visitor of this nightclub. Toulouse-Lautrec revolutionized the graphic design of the advertising posters of the time, helping to define the style that would later be known as Art Nouveau.

Lucia Adverse