Entre Luz e Fusco

Since I started shooting, shadows are striking features in my work, urging me to reflection and introspection.

The series title, “Between Light and Fusco” came from inspiration in the chapter of Machado de Assis’s work, Bishop Casmurro. This series consists of nine photographs taken at the Acropolis of Athens (Greece) where there are some of the most famous buildings of the ancient world, such as the Parthenon.
During my site visit, I watched the shadows cast on the Greek columns, caused by scaffolding set up for restoration. While that iron structure bother the visitors, for me it projected surprising shadows. In some pictures, unfortunately, I also managed to capture vandalism.

The expression “Between Light and Shadow” encourages my research work on the contrasts of high and low lights and aesthetics of light, which reflects directly on my feelings. In May 2011, I received an invitation from the marchand Ricardo Fernandes, to exhibit the series “Between Light and Fusco” in his gallery, established in Paris, France.

Lucia Adverse